Prepaid Visa RushCard (Rush Unlimited)

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At A Glance:

  • 100% guaranteed approval
  • No annual fee
  • Free direct deposit
  • Online bill pay
  • Free electronic account alerts
  • Protection for lost or stolen cards

Our Review:

RushCard Visa offers three different plans — Rush Unlimited, Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly. A short quiz on the site will ask you questions about how often you make ATM withdrawals, the frequency of your monthly purchases and your selection of either ‘credit’ or ‘debit’ for those purchases, in order to recommend the appropriate plan for you.

This review is of Rush Unlimited, the company’s newest plan. For a review of Pay-As-You-Go click here. While the benefits (outlined below) appear to remain the same no matter your card of choice, the fee schedule varies.

Unlike many prepaid debit cards, Rush Unlimited charges a one-time card fee ranging from $3.45-$14.95 depending on your card design of choice. (This fee is the same no matter the plan.) The monthly fee of $5.95 with direct deposit and $7.95 without is a mixed bag in that these fees are slightly lower than most prepaid debit cards but unlike most, there is no opportunity for waiving the fee with a minimum monthly deposit. The $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee is pretty much the industry standard, though there are some cards with ATM and surcharge-free withdrawal options.

The company states its goal is to help its cardholders gain financial independence and to that end it makes some small but unique offers like $1.99 e-books by financial expert Lynette Khalfani-Cox, aka The Money Coach, including Zero Debt, Perfect Credit and Your First Home. On a similar note, RushCard encourages its cardholders to put money aside in a separate RushGoals account — think savings account — and each month there is $500 or more in the account, the cardholder earns a reward of up to $2.00 in fees to the card.

Other benefits include:

  • Refer-A-Friend program — earn $5.00 for each friend or family member who begins using a RushCard. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer or the amount of money you can earn.
  • Free prescription discount card (which, the company is upfront about your ability to get even if you don’t have a RushCard).
  • Choice of one of three discount health plans through a partnership with Careington International Corporation.
  • Online money tools to track spending, create a budget and print a monthly statement.
  • Convenient mobile apps.

The RushCard website includes a few cardholder stories and video testimonials, which are worth a look if you’re questioning what people just like you get out of the card.

Although this card has some unavoidable recurring fees (monthly, ATM), its benefits and financial management tools outrank those of other cards. For that reason, we recommend Rush Unlimited if you want a quality, reliable card while you work diligently on keeping or getting your finances in order.

Overview of the Rush Prepaid Visa Debit Card
Fee Direct Deposit Without Direct Deposit
Monthly Fee $5.95 $7.95
Activation Fee $3.95(min. card fee)  $3.95(min. card-fee)
Transaction Fee  FREE  FREE
ATM Fee  $2.50  $2.50
Online Bill Pay FREE FREE
Card to Card Transfer $0.99 $0.99

Card Deposit Options

RushCard currently supports the following Deposit Options
Method Support
Direct Deposit  Yes
Western Union  Yes
MoneyPak  Yes
MoneyGram  Yes
Paypal  Yes
Bank Transfer  Yes
Personal Check  Yes


RushCard supports the following included features
Feature Support
Direct Deposit Bonus
Online Bill Pay  Yes
Money Management Tools  Yes
Card to Card Transfer  Yes
Email Alerts  Yes
Text Message Alerts  Yes
Discount Prescriptions  Yes
Discount Health Plans  Yes
Mobile App  Yes
Refer a Friend Bonus  $5
Rewards Program  No
Roadside Assistance  No

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